Luciano Liranço



Prothesis Storyboard

We have been through a time of dematerialization of our home. The concept of home is fewer related with objects and the physical space of the house, and more with the memories and feelings that we carry with us. The prosthesis is the jewel implanted in the skin, near the heart. It is a system that carries our intangible home, containing photos, music, books, magazines, social networks, videos and voices of people we love. Just bring it to a screen or interactive environment to access this content. The prosthesis turns any physical space in a home, filling it with our most emotional memories.

Guto Requena / André Romitelli

29º Prêmio do Museu da Casa Brasileira Poster

Just like the posters lambe-lambe, Stickers are a form of expression of urban art, very common in Sao Paulo. The poster developed for the 29th Award of the Brazilian House Museum has the same concept as the Stickers, it spreads identity and message. Printed in adhesive, it invites everyone to interact.

Ana Saritha

Joombo Identity

The main focus of Joombo agency is adding new heads, aiming at the customer's future. Changeable and adaptable to different needs. Characters were created from the main team characteristics and this was added to the concept of Full Brain Agency.

Victor Paula

Theatro São Pedro Poster / Editorial

2016 season communication of São Pedro Theatre. The emphasis on typography and colors blocadas generated the identity of all materials from discount for subscriptions and editorial to the various house programs and room posters.

Rico Lins / Nicolas Camargo

BioBlast Experiment

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I’m a 21-year-old Brazilian Creative living in São Paulo. Graduating at the end of the year in Graphic Design at Belas Artes. I have created with Rico Lins, Guto Requena, André Romitelli, Victor Paula, Ana Saritha and a lot of awesome people. Are you the next?


This website was designed and developed by me, as well as all content and imagery.